Welcome to TensorClus’s documentation!

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TensorClus (Tensor Clustering) is the first Python library aiming to cluster and co-clustering tensor data. It allows to easily perform tensor clustering through decomposition or tensor learning and tensor algebra. TensorClus allows easy interaction with other python packages such as NumPy, Tensorly, TensorFlow, or TensorD, and run methods at scale on CPU or GPU.

It supports major operating systems namely Microsoft Windows, MacOS, and Ubuntu.

TensorClus is distributed under the 3-Clause BSD license. It works with Python>= 3.6.


If you use this software as part of your research, please cite: R. Boutalbi, L. Labiod, and M. Nadif. Tensorclus: A python library for tensor (co)-clustering.Neuro-computing, 468:464–468, 2022


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